Mailbox Monday #2 ~ Danmei and Manga!

Hello Everyone! And Happy Emancipation Day!

Today is Emancipation Day in my country (and the Caribbean & commonwealth too perhaps).

In 1833, the Emancipation Act was passed by the British Parliament and took effect in 1834, supposedly freeing all of the enslaved peoples in the British Empire.

Of course, there was a trick to it and between 1833-1838, the enslaved peoples worked under something called the apprenticeship system 😒 (mostly more unpaid labour btw!!!)

The British were concerned about the effect of actual freedom on the cost of labour and West Indian Sugar Production, so they instituted this unfair system.

On August 1, 1838 ‘full freedom’ was accorded to much celebration and praise and the occasion is marked even to today!


Mailbox Monday is a fun feature started by Marcia of To be Continued!

Warning: Mailbox Monday can lead to envy, toppling TBR piles, and humongous wish lists!!!

(Here is my first Mailbox Monday post. )

This past week was a manga delivery week! I’m super excited to dive into these!

Now to find space for these on my manga shelves. My duel obsessions: books and manga fighting for space in my room right now, lmao.

In order of intensifying anticipation, the titles are as follows:

The Song of Yoru and Asa by Harada, this mangaka is a bit of a controversial legend in BL because they tackle dark, twisted, perverse stories, I’m intrigued by that, but from what I’ve heard so far of this one, I’m not sure I’ll like it.

Caste Heaven, Volume 7, by Chise Ogawa, this series has all of the trigger warnings, and I remember being really being curious as to how it would play out and feeling really sad for some of the characters, and wanting to seem them come out on top, this is drama and angst and pain turned really high. Not for newbies to this genre at all.

Links by Natsuki Kizu, an anthology series by the mangaka of given (one of the most popular manga in the western world). I really love their art style, anthology stories are usually hit or miss though! Fingers crossed!

His Favourite, Volume 12 by Suzuki Tanaka, this is a typical high school prince falls for unpopular, social outcast, with jugs of humor and over-dramatic shenanigans. For older teens definitely.

Scattering His Virgin Bloom, Volume 1 by Aya Sakyo, this is the second omegaverse manga published this year! (#OmegaverseAgenda) I’m really excited to dive into it, and hopefully it doesn’t get too erm, wild.

My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 by Aruko Wataru Hinekure, this is a story of hilarity! It follows four high school teens as they navigate friendship and first love. I love how exaggeratively the mangaka draws their actions and expressions, definitely a light hearted read, with little love bites of angst.

Heaven Official’s Blessing, Volume 3, by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, this is the third installment of the New York Bestselling danmei worlds of MXTX, I’ve only watched the anime for this so far! But I’m ecstatic to dive into these, when all eight volume are out, lmao. One more year to go!

Change World, Volume 2, by Yuu Minaduki, this is the story of a re-encounter with your first love that leads to them finally seeing you and falling for you, this is high angst in the best way! So excited to see how the final in this three book series wraps up!

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard by Yuu Toyota, Volume 4, this is my favourite story, it’s a slow burn, office romance between two of the most unlikely of salarymen. It’s filled with warmth and humor, and the sweetest love.

Black or White, Volume 4, by Sachimo, I’m a Sachimo Stan after starting this series last year, I want all of their works licensed!

Art: 10/10, angst: 100/10, plot: 10/10, smut: 1000/10. This is the story of two high school sweethearts trying to make it in the entertainment industry while hiding that they’re in love.

The stakes are high in a society that won’t accept what they are to each other, but also their burgeoning careers would rot on the vine if their love was discovered.

This story features a possessive, monopolizing love and dips just it’s toes into a bit of darkness. Highly recommend!

Did you get any book mail last week? Any manga catch your eye?
Let’s all have a lovely (& 5 star read filled) month!

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