Goodreads Monday #2

Goodreads Monday is a weekly feature, currently hosted by Budget Tales Book, that invites you to share a book from your Goodreads to be read pile, to talk about the progress you made on your current reads, any progress on your Goodreads challenge and general Goodreads news!

The book I want to highlight today is Bone Walker by Angela Korra’ti! I read the first book in this series, Faerie Blood, about seven years ago, but I’m eager to dive back in! I remember enjoying this tale of a woman discovering Sidhe ancestry and having to fight off those who want to see her dead.


Two months should be long enough for a girl to learn to cope when she finds out she’s half-Sidhe, or so Kendis Thompson has convinced herself. She wants nothing more than as normal a life as possible, playing her violin and pursuing her growing relationship with Christopher, Warder Second of Seattle. But when the Unseelie bard Elessir falls through a portal out of Faerie, bringing with him a ghostly peril that puts her best friend Jude’s life and sanity in danger, Kendis must test the strength of her new magic. And when the bone walker Melorite threatens all of the Emerald City, Kendis must fight to save everyone she loves—even if it means succumbing to the dominion of the Unseelie Court.

Doesn’t that sound exciting???

Reading Challenge

My 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge is going well, I’m 92 books into a 150 book challenge. Of course, I seldom record the manga and WEBTOONs I’m reading, but for the recorded data, I’m doing spiffy! Wonderfully 3 books ahead of schedule!

How are things looking for y’all?👀

Currently Reading

According to my Goodreads, I’m currently reading eight books. I’m not. There are certain books I start but end up not actively reading them, (Mood Readers Unite!) so they are kind of in a book purgatory?

Here’s a breakdown of my current reads!

Advance Reader Copies

Recently, I’ve been getting a steady amount of ARCs, which is nice! Getting to read my anticipated reads early, getting to hype them up and convince people to read them is a pretty cool part of being a reader.

The Stars Undying by Emery Robin, which bills itself as ‘inspired by the lives and loves of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra’, but in space!

I’m a sci-fi lover, and this hits my space opera sweet spot so nicely! I just started but I’m really getting into it so far!

The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew, this is one for dark academia lovers, a deaf and sheltered girl, gets admitted via scholarship to a college that specializes in slipping between worlds, but classmates are going missing then later turning up dead, the only one she can turn to in order to stop the deaths is her bitter rival, and the boy she once resurrected.

I wrote about this one last month, in my most anticipated releases for the rest of 2022 post!

Buddy Reads

This month, I’m buddy reading The Darkening by Sunya Mara, with my friend over on IG, I was mostly taken in by the gorgeous UK cover but then when I read the description of a city trapped in the center of an unending storm and on the brink of implosion. I got hyped!!!

And that about sums it up!

I will admit that at any time, I’m usually reading a romance novel, that is usually a much-reread fave. But currently this is it!

Hope you enjoyed this little peek beyond the curtain!
Have a lovely week!

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