Review Policy and Requests

A book review is more than a work of opinion, there are areas in which objectivity has it’s place. In my reviews I always strive to be honest and fair, to be explicit about what I liked, and what did not work for me. I reserve the right to not complete reading any book that I do not enjoy and thus, not review the book on my blog. If a book goes beyond the pale, I reserve the right to criticize any problematic or misinformed content.

The length of a book review is also privy to my own feelings about the book, and not open to input from external sources.

Book reviews are a labor of love, and I am not provided with any monetary compensation by any publisher.

When I post the review, will depend on my schedule and when the review copy is provided.

Complete reviews will be posted on this blog as well as Goodreads, Story Graph and on publication, at retail sites.





I love most genres of fiction, with a preference for sci-fi and fantasy. I tend to be attracted to books with elements of romance and have recently been enjoying books with young adult characters.

However, the easiest and most comforting reads for me are romance. I recently discovered that I actually like all the tropes 🥴 but for now I’d love to review your second chance romance (bonus points if they’re divorced/ high school sweethearts), your secret baby romance and your paranormal romance (is anyone writing I imprinted on you and now I’m your loveslave books?).

I am heavily into boys love and shounen manga currently.

I do not read non-fiction, I plan on reading Crying in an H Mart, but that’s just because I’m a fan of Jbrekkie’s music.



If you would like to request a review, kindly contact me on

Kindly answer the following questions:

1. How did you hear about the No Frigate Like A Book blog?

2. Why do you think No Frigate Like A Book blog is a fit for your book?

3. Would you be willing to do an author interview or profile?

4. The release date, book description and preferred timeframe for review post.

Be aware that I can refuse to review your book, and if I do, I will explicitly do so within one week.

If the review request is accepted, kindly send the review copy, and the book cover (highest resolution you have), as well as, any preferred indie book stores or preorder giveaways available.

Note: I do not live in any of the ABC countries, and though I would love to receive a physical review copy, it is not a requirement.

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