Manga Mondays

Hi Readers!

Manga Mondays is a once a month post where I’ll be chatting about all things manga! Just me riffing on manga I’ve read, enjoyed and am eager to read!

Manga is a big part of my life and was my constant and dependable companion during times in my life when I wasn’t myself.

So it will always be special to me.

Today we’re talking about some of the highlights I have from a year of collecting manga!

2021 is the year that I started collecting manga in earnest. In the beginning, I wanted to collect my favorite shounen manga and all the Boys’ Love manga published.

But I very quickly ran out of space! And in the first place I guess I forgot that I’m not one that likes having too many things around me.

Seeing my favorites on my shelves are comforting, however, I ended up buying some things that I loved but can’t really imagine reading anytime soon. (*cough* Tokyo Ghoul, *cough* Assassination Classroom) And I also ended up with things that I didn’t love. (*cough* Kakako Lamp) It is impossible to be 100% certain that you’ll love a particular manga but I think that I could have been more discerning in my choices.

I did find some manga that I love with my entire heart, like Deboko Sugar Days and given and Cherry Magic and Manly Appetites and I hear the sunspot and Ajin and JJK and Mashle! That I’ve already read many times over and gotten sooo much fun and joy from, so it’s not allll bad lol.

So I have a plan for 2022 and for my manga collection that involves:

1. Buying another bookshelf

2. Not buying all BLs out in physical editions (Conquering FOMO)

3. Tackling my TBR

4. And serious unhauling!

I currently have around 260 manga, more than 200 bought last year, so I hope to buy no more than 100 manga this year! There are quite a few manga that I am absolutely gasping for like the returning sequels of Black or White, Hitorijime, My Hero and Don’t be Cruel or the new series of The Other World’s Books Depend on the Bean Counter and The Song of Yoru and Asa.

It’s definitely going to be hard to stick to my less than 100 manga plan because this year publishers have definitely kicked it up a notch! We’re getting so many omegaverse titles too?!?! Like how can I be discerning in this climate?!

What are some manga releases you’re excited for this year?

Until Next Time!


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